Tu Bishvat – Rabbi fest

The repertoire of Teleki shul extended with this years celebration of Tu Bishvat.

There are many reasons, why this event was special.

One important aspect is that this was the first one in many years.

Another important aspect is that this was the birthday party of Rabbi Shalom Hurwitz. It was a surprise for him, and he was surprised indeed, when he heard “Yom, Yom hudelet” sung on his entrance. For his birthday he received a major English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English dictionary from the community for replacement of the old worn out, as well as many other things from friends and disciples.

Among the programs hide one, that hold a big importance in the life of the shul, and that was the tombola. The purpose of the fundraising tombola was collecting money for an oven as part of the kosher kitchen expansion project. Form the tickets sold, about 70 000 Ft (~350USD) was gathered, which is enough for a simple electric oven. The tombloa prizes were fruit bowls in different colors, where among the fruits, other gifts, delights, bijou or cosmetics were planted.

Pictures taken at the event finally arrived, thanx to or very own And!s Mayer

little miss Hurwitz

little miss Hurwitz

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