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Teleki Tér is a unique synagogue in the Hungarian Jewish scene.
It is the last remaining synagogue following the Hassidic/Sfard pray liturgy. It was founded by the Chartkov Chassidim (today: Chortkiv, Ukraine) and legend has it that it was the Saintly Rebbe himself who established it.
Many themes and facets of the original style remains.  It has remained a “shtiebel” – a small prayer house favoured by the Chassidic community for its “hominess” over the more formal setup of the typical synagogues.
Renovations have begun and the community room has been expanded.
Although it is an Orthodox synagogue, it attracts a wide spectrum of people: Chassidic, non-Chassidic, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Neolog as well as non-affiliated and post-denominational Jews.
The Synagogue was in operation throughout the communist era and had a few prominent personalities in Hungarian Jewish life, such as the late Jakab Gláser (1912 – 2006) and Tamás Raj (1940 – 2010).
Currently we meet for services on Shabbat mornings and on Jewish festivals.  As the number of members grows  and the commitment by the community increases, we plan to have Friday night services in the near future.
We organize community events on Jewish festivals, Rosh Hashana, Pesach, Shavuot, Chanuka and Purim.


Rabbi: Rabbi Sholom Hurwitz
President: Gábor Mayer
Chairman: András Mayer
Chazan: László Horovitz, Kornél Lefkovics

*All personnel are volunteers, the shul and the foundation do not employ anyone


22 Teleki tér, GF. 6
1086 Budapest

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All texts were written and translated by members of the Teleki Tér community.
Photos were taken by our very own photographer, András Mayer
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