Budapest, Hungary’s capital

One of Europe’s most historic cities, already inhabited in the time of the Romans; during it’s busy and often difficult history the Turkish Pasha, German governor and the Russian Army reigned here. It lived through only one golden era – until today – during the reigning of the Habsburgs, in the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This was the time, when the city, lying on the banks of the Danube, was formed by merging the cities of Pest, Buda and Óbuda. It’s a multicultural place: more than ten national and ethnic minorities (the largest by the number is of the Gypsies / Romas), as well as new immigrants, and Jews live within the mainstream society, like so many vital organs, their traditions and way of thinking permeated everyday life of this européer metropolis, giving a special, exotic flavor to this fantastic mixture as do the spices to the goulash.

Apart from museums, ancient Turkish spas, castles and charming parks it is also the town of eveday people: walking the narrow streets, may they be whether in Óbuda, Elisabethstadt or the infamous Eighth District. You can experience the point of the world where East and West meets: they are a nice and simple people, if asked about something, they’re trying hard to make themselves understood in English, (sometimes they even manage to : ). You can get everything in the shops, and if you’re a bit more curious, you can run into miracles everywhere. Some humor is essential, because this is a funny place, but if you are not only interested in what guidebooks can offer, but the inside/outside beautiful houses, cozy pubs and cafes, markets, small chapels and prayer houses then this is the place for you!

Welcome to Budapest!

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