Memories about the Teleki tér shul (4)


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  1. Helene Stern says:

    i am looking to find information on relatives that I lost contact with They did survive the holocaust and stayed in budapest. I know that they lived on Nagyszombat street since 1934. The fa mily name post war was mayer and the 2 children were Tibor who was born in 1931 and Eva who was born in 1937 mrs Mayer was married before the war to Jozseph mayer origionally from szombathely somewhere after the war she remarried a mr. kertesz. I don’t know any details about this marriage
    Mrs. mayers name before her marriage was szidonia hoffer and her birth was registered at the 7th district I would love to find out any informatuon please help me helene Sternnn1