Memories about the Teleki tér shul (1)

Menachem ben Gershon Hahn and Lea Bat Zvi Hakohen Frost

Teleki tér couple - Menachem ben Gershon Hahn and Lea Bat Zvi Hakohen Frost

I received the letter of Michael Miller with great joy, in which he ask every one ,who can to send him pictures and experiences about the Teleki Tér Shul.

My name is Yechiel Arie Hahn (originally Hahn István György), and I had my Bar Mizva in October 1945 in this very shul!!

Both my grandparents were praying in this shul (and most of their fammilies) for decades!

R. Gershon ben Yechiel Arie Hahn and R. Hemann Zvi HaKohen Frost arrived to Budapest in the beginning of the 20th century and went to pray there all their life!

As I can recall, they were sitting next to each other (in the Mizrach wall bench). R. Zvi Frost,  (my grandfather from my mother’s side) sat next to the Aron Hakodesh and next to him set R. Gershon .

This is a very important fact, because what happened was, that my father, Menachem (Manó) ben Gershon, after spending 8 years in Paris came home to get married. When grandfather Frost heard that, he turned to he neighbour,  (Gershon Hahn) and told him, he had a marriageable daughter – and this could be a “party”…

And so it was!! My Father (Menachem ben Gershon Hahn) married my Mother (Lea Bat Zvi Hakohen Frost) in 1931 and I was born in the October of 1932.

Looking back – in a way I can thank my birth (also) to this shul.

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Responses to Memories about the Teleki tér shul (1)

  1. robert says:

    I have a picture of list people commiting to learn Mishnayot every day, would you like me to send you the picture. I believe your granfather is mentioned there.

  2. Yossie friedman says:

    I am a grandson of Meir shalom ben Yaakov Friedman. Also a great grandson of Reb Shalom Nagler

    • teleki says:

      I talked to Robert Nagler a few weeks ago, I believe he mentioned a cousin living in the States. Are you the one?
      We are collecting all the old stories, memories of the Shul. How can we get in touch with you for that? Please send an email to if possible!
      Thank you for your time! hope to hear from you soon!
      Gabor Mayer

  3. robi says:

    Jossi friedman:
    I belive Ronald is your father, we are cousines, if so contact me.