Summer breeze from Dayton, Ohio

In July last year, a group of Americans visited us in the warmest heat on a Saturday morning. The group came from Dayton, Ohio (organized by Szochnut) and their members enthusiastically sat through the prayer and the kiddush with us, which was quite a big achievement as it was approx. 35 •C (95•F) out and inside. Just imagine how we sweated wearing shirts and long sleeve trousers beside the steaming chulent kookers and even when we opened the door for fresh air, only the heat of the courtyard flowed in. Even so, the group felt very good and, as they were leaving they kindly offered to finance an air-conditioner. So that the next time they are coming the mood’d be even better…

After that, we last track of them for a while. Then, with the help of Tamás Büchler, managing director of MiNYanim, we were able to contact two members of the group, Gayle and Irvin Moscowitz, who kept themselves to the promise of the group and donated for the air conditioner. The donation was transferred but, unfortunately, we could not install the machine because the general assembly of the apartment building had to agree to the setting up the outdoor unit.

This obstacle has been eliminated a few weeks ago and yesterday we have completed the installation of our brand new air conditioner.

One thing we can promise: it will be on not only when the Daytoners will visit us again ;)

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