Tu biSvat – Rabbi 40!

This year’s Tu biSvat, holiday of the trees was special. Apart from the almost traditional Teleki fruit seder, the lasagne and gorgeous chicken wings there was another reason to celebrate.

The reason there was, that this year it was also the 40th birthday, od Rabbi Solom Hurwitz.

Therefor our community (a million thanks to all of you again) put together the money, to surprise him with a great present!

Rabbi Hurwitz will get his own fruit brandy (pálinka) distiller! Production of the distilles is on the way already, from the amount gathered before and at the event.

Therefor TELEKI TÉR KOSHER PÁLINKA’s kosher distiller is on the way!

On the side of the distiller a plaque will hold the names of all donors for eternity.

Anyone can join us in the fruit smashing, and pálinka distilling process. helpers are welcomed, and will be greeted with a special gift ;)

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