Glaser 100

Gláser Jakab (Juci bácsi) 94 évesen egy füredi cukrászdában

Jakab Gláser (Juci bácsi) age 94 in a Balatonfüred cakeshop

Mr. Gláser, or as his family and closer acquaintances called him, Juci Bácsi (cca. Uncle Judy) was born of the day of Jom Kippur on the 22th of September 100 years ago.

He stopped attending Teleki 5 years ago from his nearby house, place of his birth, 42 József street.

We could be celebrating with him, if it wasn’t for on pointless Hospital quarantine.

Shell we think and remember with with telling a moderate or very piggy joke.

For his birthday, he received lately a posthumous  medal of honour (Hungarian).

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